Our Easyscoop Ice cream contains milk and cream sourced from local farms. It is swirled with sauces and inclusions
to give a variety of flavours that are smooth and silky and easy to scoop.
The easy scoop flavours comes in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 4000ml boxes.

Scoop vanilla ice cream

Scoop mango ice cream

Scoop strawberry ice cream

Scoop black current  ice cream
Black Current

Scoop Butter Scotch
Butter Scotch

Scoop Chocolate

Scoop Pista ice cream


Our premium range of dairy ice cream is rich and smooth, made with high quality cream that is sourced locally and delivered daily.
We add the finest of inclusions and the most luxurious sauces.

vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Cone

chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Cone

strawberry ice cream

Strawberry Cone

caramel ice cream

Black Current Cone

vanilla ice cream

Butter Scotch Cone

chocolate ice cream

Mango Cone

strawberry ice cream

Pista Cone


vanilla ice cream

Jigarthanda is a cold beverage that is famous in the South Indian city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. It is made up of Milk, Badam (Almond), Pista, Kadal Paasi (Marine Alga) and Sugar.
We have three different varities in Jigarthanda.

  • Jigarthanda Ordinary
  • Jigarthanda Special
  • Jigarthanda Nuts

It has considerable effect to heal skin diseases and can decrease body temparature, rejuvanating the body.
Effective for infammations of liver and spleen, urinary disorders, wheezing, anemia and rhehumatold arthrities
It boost stamina and energy
It is known for its cholesteral lowering properties
It helps calm the stomach burns, treats ulcers andreduces the burning sensation in the stomach
It is the good cure for people suffering from diaherra
It is given to pregnant women for its nutritional and colling properties
It strengthens the bone and increases body length
It is free of artifcal colors and preservations. It is therefore ideal for consumption by children